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The KopSun Stamp of Approval


Before any cannabis product can be considered for the KopSun Stamp of Approval, it must have a Certificate of Analysis (CoA). As you might have guessed, a CoA is a California state issued document, which prompts you to further guess that a ton of redundant jargon, circular logic, and running in circles is right around the corner. 

The KopSun Stamp of Approval provides the quality guideline/watermark for the new and seasoned cannabis connoisseurs.

By performing extensive due diligence on  sourced products and brands, we ensure Products we Love meet and/or exceed our requirements and guidelines. 

Our Stamp of Approval assists you in making the cleanest selection for your cannabis needs.

KopSun Stamp of Approval Guidelines

  1. All product must adhere to state and local jurisdiction laws. These laws ensure every single plant has been tagged, entered into the track-and-trace system and meets all the highly regulated requirements.

  2. All products must be third party tested resulting in a passing COA - no pesticides, mold, or contaminates - and provides proper labeling.

  3. All products must be LOCALLY Farmed (Santa Barbara County)- This is a must, since on site evaluation is required for all approved cannabis.

  4. All products must utilize natural pesticides such as predatory pests.

  5. All producers must display “good neighbor” practices (odor abatement system, closed-loop watering system, traffic & lighting consideration)

  6. Producers must exhibit a community commitment to giving back and working with local organizations for the betterment of society.

 A KopSun Stamp of Approval cannot be purchased or transferred.

 Want to comment on the KopSun Stamp of Approval process? Send us an email.