Carpinteria Women Launch Business to Promote Health and Wellness from Cannabis Crop

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Cannabis is Carpinteria's newest cash crop and the new reality is still a source of controversy for many residents.

For the first time, our reporter went inside a large greenhouse to look at how a licensed cannabis business operates and meet the three Carpinteria women who launched KopSun, a health and wellness resource promoting what they call, "the misunderstood plant."

“We are champions for the cannabis plant, plain and simple, for all the good it does,” said Tina Frontado, one of KopSun's founders.

Frontado, Leigh-Anne Anderson, and Amy Marie Orozco launched KopSun to help dispel a few of the negative perceptions about marijuana cultivation in the valley and promote the health benefits of the plant that is often stigmatized.

“We feel like our company is really here to demystify that and come out and be loud and proud about what is happening in our valley,” Anderson said.

Over the last several years, Carpinteria has undergone a vast transformation as some farmers slowly turned away from growing flowers and vegetables to harvesting cannabis.

The KopSun website is filled with information about the cannabis lifestyle and curated product lines. The women also offer their "stamp of approval" to some local businesses which are fully licensed and have adopted good environmental practices.

Leigh-Anne Anderson