Happy Mother's Day

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Here’s to all the moms, grandmoms, stepmoms, fur moms, second moms, and other moms – Wishing you a day filled with whatever makes you happy. You certainly deserve it.

For those trying to find the perfect gift for mom – did you know that most moms really want cannabis for Mother’s Day!

That’s according to our good friends at Miss Grass and with a name like that, they ought to know.

Look at these numbers from their poll of 700 moms:

  • 64% tried cannabis before having kids

  • 21% say that cannabis has completely replaced alcohol (cheers to that!)

  • 38% say they prefer cannabis to alcohol

If you’re reading this and don’t have a Mother’s Day gift for mom yet, may we suggest a nice cannabis something.

 Here’s to Mother’s Day and moms!

Amy Orozco