The Flower Cart is blooming

Hooray! The KopSun foray into a product line is here! It’s played out a little differently than we imagined … but we are transacting.

Kim G. of Carpinteria owns the distinction of being our first customer. Thank you, Kim! Not only do we appreciate your business and support, your patience is an inspiration. Kim also has bragging rights to being the owner of two mugs handcrafted by Deb Jorgensen; we are guessing, however, at least one of them will be a present later this month.

Here’s what’s going on … and someday this will be a funny story … for now it’s … well, someday we’ll find the right adjective. The KopSun Flower Cart was in full bloom and ready for its launch on Dec. 3. All hands were on deck waiting for the orders to come pouring in when we received a notice from the financial service provider that they will not do business with us because we are engaged in an illegal activity.

Uh, to be clear, The Flower Cart does not sell any cannabis products.

The Flower Cart has Cannabis Queen emblazoned T-shirts on them and mugs with a etched cannabis leaf. More lifestyle products are on the way!

Here’s how we are transacting … email your order to Mugs are $48/each and T-Shirts are $48. We’ll respond with a total charge that includes tax and shipping. You confirm with payment. Easy, right? To make things even easier, please put Flower Cart Order in the subject line.

For our Carpinteria friends, we are able to offer free delivery!

The KopSun mugs are handcrafted by Deb Jorgensen..

The KopSun mugs are handcrafted by Deb Jorgensen..

Mugs are white, a soft white perfect to greet you in the morning, with a black cannabis leaf. The “bowl” is 3 inches in height and 5 inches in diameter. The handle is 1.5 inches wide. Beautiful and sturdy. Handmade with love in Carpinteria by Deb Jorgensen.

Time to retire the tiara. We’re talking comfy T-shirts now.

Time to retire the tiara. We’re talking comfy T-shirts now.

T-shirts, with messaging that is loud and proud, are the kind of soft cotton you want to wear all the time. We suggest buying two. One size. Designed and silkscreened in Carpinteria, sewn in Los Angeles, and all elements 100% U.S.A. An Addicted to Sugar product.

Believing that local dollars make local sense, KopSun is committed to area artisans and businesses.

Stay tuned for more products and for being able to order via

Thank you for all your support. You have no idea …