Cannabis by the Sea

Welcome to the KopSun Blog – Cannabis by the Sea!

Join the KopSun community of friends as we blog and share curated cannabis knowledge on health, wellness, industry insights, tips, legal matters, and so much more. All of that with the support and encouragement you need to design and live your desired lifestyle. Based in Carpinteria, California, Cannabis by the Sea is also the place we share the backstory on our products, the finest cannabis and cannabis-related accessories available. In. The. World.

By setting standards for transparency, trust, purity, and excellence, KopSun is a leader in the cannabis paradigm shift. We like to think of it as Napa Valley meets Martha Stewart. What was the Napa Valley famous for before wine? Yep, we couldn’t answer that either. What was Martha Stewart famous for before she built a media empire? Uh, she worked as a stockbroker and did some print modeling as a college student, … uh, right?

Carpinteria has more cannabis growers per capita than any other city in California. KopSun is capitalizing on this innovative industry by creating a local, designer lifestyle brand directly tied to Carpinteria.  And we are so happy you have joined us!

Who We Are

To be blunt, we are three women passionate about creating a healthy cannabis culture. Our names are Leigh-Anne Anderson, Tina Fanucchi-Frontado, and Amy Marie Orozco. In addition to being industrious and entrepreneurial in nature, each of us is family-centric and dedicated to the good of our community of Carpinteria. We also consider ourselves extremely fortunate to live where we do – and having direct access to the best cannabis products in the world is just one of many reasons we have made Carpinteria our home.

Cannabis by the Sea is for You If

  • You demand the best available products for you and your family. For example, you buy your organics at the farmers market even though parking is a pain.

  • You approach life with a big picture attitude and have a holistic approach to health.

  • You have been described as a perfectionist or picky or high maintenance more than once.

  • You are asked for your opinion or for advice. On all sorts of subjects. All the time.

  • You understand a different point of view easily and quickly. That doesn’t mean you agree, it means you understand.

  • You are fun and people like you.

What’s in a Name?

Tina, second from right, with her handsome husband, second from left, on their wedding day. On right is the best Chief of Police. On left, Tina’s mother-in-law.

Tina, second from right, with her handsome husband, second from left, on their wedding day. On right is the best Chief of Police. On left, Tina’s mother-in-law.

We’re glad you asked about the story behind the KopSun name because we love telling it. Now, get comfy and read on …

Once upon a time, in the sleepy seaside town of Carpinteria there was the best Chief of Police in the Golden State of California. So wonderful he was at his job, this oceanside hamlet earned the nickname of The World’s Safest Beach.

Then, one day, our founder, Tina, fell in love. Not with just any man was Tina under a spell, but with the handsome son of the best Chief of Police in all the land. As these things often go, the smitten couple declared their love for each other with a beautiful wedding and feast. All the townspeople celebrated for days!

Ever grateful for her handsome husband’s eternal support and to the man who raised him, Tina expressed her deepest appreciation by naming the premier cannabis lifestyle company in their honor.

That, our friends, is how KopSun came to be named.

And we all lived happily ever after.