Cannabis 101 House Party

Raise your hand if you would like to learn more about cannabis!

If so, you may be pleased to hear KopSun had its first official Cannabis 101 House Party earlier this month. It was a small affair held in a local living room, and there were seven of us including the KopSun facilitator. We find an intimate atmosphere is better for learning and asking questions.

 Before reading any further, please note that there is no selling nor sampling of cannabis at a Cannabis 101 House Party.

 It’s a learning event with the information being academic (cannabinoid receptors and such) and practical (where to buy, dosing, and such). The hour-long, or so, format includes a graphics rich presentation, a show-and-tell of sorts, and time for questions. There is no cost associated with a Cannabis 101 House Party. Refreshments are at the discretion of the host.

 Education is foremost in the KopSun mission. The House Party is a first step toward accomplishing the mission. We feel we are well on our way!

 If you would like to host or attend a Cannabis 101 House Party, email us at We certainly are happy to adapt the curriculum, let us know your needs. The information is appropriate for middle school and up classrooms, church groups, social and service clubs, workplace professional development, a gathering of friends, and community groups such as Neighborhood Watch.

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